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47-l-digest         Saturday, November 1 1997         Volume 01 : Number 007


Date: Thu, 2 Oct 1997 09:51:31 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: snoopy 47

Snoopy is 47 today.

[submitted by]
Christian & Sarah Schumann-Curtis 


Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 11:26:55 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: [none]

I just took a recent trip to Washington D.C.

My parking lot ticket stub had the number 47 in it.
My airline ticket number contained 47.
One of my airline flights contained the number 47.
The taxi cab driver's ID displayed in the car had the number 47.
At the conference drawing all the ticket stubs began with the number 47.

[submitted by]
Nancy L. Long


Date: Tue, 7 Oct 1997 11:31:02 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: vindication of champions 47

I was very happy to find your site. I have been telling some Trekkie
friends that the shows are drenched with 47s, but they all doubt my word
because this crucial information is not included in any of their fan
manuals. I have also considered writing since STNG to ask why 47 is so
prominent.  Now I have an answer and an official site to refer my friends

I hope you include my homepage in your list of sites. At the top of the
page is a picture of my race car, numbered 47, as all of my cars have
been since 1970, and they were all  pre-dated by my go-karts and slot
cars, also, all #47. My friends in college began to notice that the
number 47 appeared everywhere they looked and now, at last, we all know,
that as the dedicated mathematicians at Pomona have found, this is
because all numbers are 47.

The race car picture is also a link to information about my parody
sponsor, "Team Dwayne Hoover Racing Team," named after the characters in
"Breakfast of Champions" by Kurt Vonnegut. If there are other Vonnegut/47
afficianados out there, they should be orgasmic. To anyone else, it's
just another crappy home page!

I have always thought that I knew the story behind the 'Borg' as well.
Here in Oklahoma, we have a company named "Borg Compressed Steel" and
there are several plants where they 'assimilate' old cars into huge cubes
of scrap. You can't help but wonder if one  day, driving through
Oklahoma, a truck was seen pulling out of one of the plants, because the
'fractal scrap' immediately puts you in mind of the Borg ships.

Is this coincidence? I DON'T THINK SO!

[submitted by]
Dave McFadden

- --------------------------------------------------------------------
47 Society Webmaster's note: I believe that the BORG is actually named for
Oldenborg Center, a dormitory at Pomona College. Considered the "geekiest"
place to live on campus, the 'Borg has a labrynth-like basement which
connects to underground steam tunnels that link campus buildings. The 'Borg
is also the foreign-language dorm and is infamous for "assimilating"
students (as in "I had this one friend but then he moved into the 'Borg and
I haven't seen him since...").  -Bob


Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 09:35:37 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: 47 and Howe!

Last week, hockey legend Gordy Howe, age 69, became the first and only
hockey player to play professional hockey in each of six decades when he
hit the ice for 47 seconds in an NHL game.


Date: Tue, 28 Oct 1997 13:43:17 -0800 (PST)
Subject: two scary 47s

1. In portland Ct. a man was slain by his son  by means of a machettee. It
was his 47th birthday. He was bludgened 47 times.

.....on a lighter note
2. In th song "MACERENA", that refrain is repeated , yep 47 times

[submitted by]


Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 11:25:34 -0800 (PST)
Subject: 47 slides and gains

In today's lecture of the class I TA for we were using slides and there
were a whole bunch of them.  Once I had them all in the slide tray, I
checked the number to see how many there were.  You got it, 47 slides.

[submitted by]
James Marshall


On the biggest trading day in the NYSE's history (10-28-97) the Dow Jones
Industrial Average gained 4.7% of its value.

[submitted by]
Christian & Sarah Schumann-Curtis 


Date: Thu, 30 Oct 1997 11:26:44 -0800 (PST)
Subject: 47...68?

Hey, my friend has a similar obsession with his high school football
number, 68. At first I thought he was full of hot air, then I started
noticing the number 68 more too. I also have done experiments comparing
the occurrances of 68 to other numbers, such as 19. It doesn't work, 68
just comes up more. I fully beleive him now, and I am starting to wonder
if there also might be something behing the 47's also. I encourage you
to compare the happenings of 47 to that of 68. Let me know about the

Sincerely [submitted by]
Justin D. Pagano
Salem State College


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