What constitutes a "47 Sighting"?

This may seem like a stupid question, but it has validity. There are several systems of looking at and identifying 47s. Here are two of them.

The FORMS System (created through common usage):

This system recognizes different forms of 47. There is some leeway, but longtime 47 watchers agree that the truth is not always visible at first glance.

The Direct 47: 47

The Inverted 47: 74

The Implied or Indirect 47: A series or statement that suggests 47 without stating it directly. For example: the series 44, 45, 46; or 53%; or if someone says "almost 50". There are other possibilities here. You get the picture.

The Mathematically Implied 47: A factor, dividend, product, square, root, or simple mathematical process that results in 47. For example: 23.5 is half of 47 (incidentally the square root of 23 is 4.7). 94 is 47 x 2. Etc.

The GRADE System:

Grade A: The two digits 4 and 7, directly next to each other. They can be embedded in a longer string of digits. Example: 12478.

Grade B: The two digits 4 and 7, appearing in any order. Example: 1204897.

Grade C: When you can use simple math to arrive at a 47. Example: 2209 is 47*47, 11 = 4 + 7, 429 is 4 and 9-2=7, etc.

Grade D: When you need to use more esoteric or advanced math to arrive at a 47. Example 69.22 is a 47 since 69 - 22 = 47

In addition to those who use these systems to identify 47s, there are others who follow a simpler approach. For these constructionists, 47 is 47, and that is all.

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